Saturday, January 8, 2011

Not in the mood tonight? Shed some tears.

Researchers at  the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel have finished a study that claims women's tears contain an odorless chemical that directly affects a man's libido.

The men who took part in the study were given tissues soaked in women's tears and were asked if they felt a drop in their sexual arousal levels.
They were also given salt-water soaked tissues at a separate time and asked again.

17 out of 24 men responded with a drop in sexual libido and testosterone levels after sniffing the first tissue samples.
They found a woman's face less alluring after a whiff of the tear-filled tissues.

Funny aye? A man doesn't even have to know a woman was crying, the scent of tears on her face will trigger subconscious signals to the male's brain that immediately 'turn him off'.

I try my utmost best to not cry in front of people, now I have to spray my face with perfume to not scare the men away when I'm done? Not fair.

So girls, be sure to wash your face after a sobbing session- You don't want men being subconsciously turned off by your scent now, do you?




  1. so tears are penis repellent... Never knew that.

  2. Hmmm,,, if that's the case than rapists are immune to it, since they still get it hard and manage complete what they came for ..!!

  3. Good point.
    Rapists are psychologically unstable, so it would be really interesting to see this study carried out on them.


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